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How To Design A Two-Room Apartment With Style

by Raja Tayeb on December 28, 2010

decorating small apartments

Having a small apartment can be a drag when it comes to implementing the desired interior design idea. Here is an example of a two-room apartment which is both very aesthetic and functional. So how did they do it?As you can see, the home plan features a hallway, two rooms (left and right), a kitchen and a bathroom. In order to achieve a high level of practicability, the designers took advantage of every single corner of the house. The hallway(the area with the red wallpaper)  is welcoming and also has some integrated furniture elements such as a small table and an armchair. This turns it into a room on its own. The sense of space is given by the white and tall walls. The living room is modern and features a cozy reading space near the window. There are plenty of inspirational ideas to chose from in the pictures below so take your time and find the suited ones for yourselves.-via Alvhem

image 014 home decor

image 020 home decor

image 007 home decor

image 004 home decor

image home decor

image 013 home decor

image 019 home decor

image 016 home decor

image 015 home decor

image 023 home decor

image 031 home decor

image 012 home decor

image 011 home decor

image 035 home decor

image 033 home decor

image 027 home decor

image 022 home decor

kitchen1 home decor

image 026 home decor

image 029 home decor

image 034 home decor

image 024 home decor

image 021 home decor

plan1 home decor

Source: Freshome

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