How to Keep Buyers Focused — New York Real Estate

How to Keep Buyers Focused

by Raja Tayeb on December 20, 2010

home buyers

Many buyers are paralyzed by the vast selection of houses for sale and by the fear that the value of the property they choose will fall as soon as they own it.

“Buyers have read a lot about foreclosures, short sales and how desperate sellers are,” says Sarah Ritter, an associate with RE/MAX Properties in Western Springs, Ill. “They feel there is this fabulous deal out there, a mansion with all the bells and whistles. …They are convinced the next house they look at will be a better deal, and with so much inventory now on the market, they keep looking and looking.”

Here are a few ways to keep a potential buyer on track:

· Line up financing. Find out what your buyers qualify for so you don’t end up looking at houses they can’t afford.

· Decide what they want. Make a list of the most important features and then refine the search.

· Use technology. Help clients get organized by previewing as many properties as possible via the Internet.

· All real estate is local. Remind buyers that those news reports they are hearing of falling prices are often in places other than where they are looking.

· Make an offer. Even a low offer is a starting point. The worst that can happen is that the sellers will refuse to negotiate.

Source: United Feature Syndicate, Lew Sichelman (12/19/2010)

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