Diverse Three Room Apartment with Welcoming Interior Design — New York Real Estate

Diverse Three Room Apartment with Welcoming Interior Design

by Raja Tayeb on November 25, 2010

apartment living

Today we would like to showcase a charming apartment with various interior design elements that should serve as inspiration. This atypical crib has three rooms and is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The living room is the heart of the apartment and features several options for seating. There is space for both sofa, TV table, bookcase and chair. One corner is adorned with an old fireplace, perfect for creating a warm, delightful atmosphere. The small hallway is enriched by a colorful wallpaper which contrasts nicely with the white wood door frames. Behind one of the solid profiled old mirror doors, lies  the larger of the apartment’s two bedrooms. This beautiful part of the apartment accommodates a double bed with related tables, a reading corner, a desk and good storage facilities in the form of clothing rails. There are many interesting decorating elements throughout the apartment which we would like you to discover by checking out each photo from the gallery below.- via Alvhem

image 038 home decor

image 019 home decor

image 0251 home decor

image 0171 home decor

image 044 home decorimage 0081 home decor

image 005 home decor

image 0331 home decor

image 0231 home decorimage 036 home decor

image 0021 home decor

image 042 home decor

image 037 home decor

image 026 home decor

image 0131 home decor

image 0221 home decor

image 029 home decor

image 0061 home decor

image 011 home decor

image 0311 home decor

image 035 home decor

image 0072 home decor

image 0141 home decor image 004 home decor

image 0281 home decor

image 0031 home decor

--- Source: Freshome

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