The New York State Real Estate Housing Foundation – $2000 first-time Homebuyer Grant Opportunities

Making homeownership a reality

The NYSAR Housing Opportunities Foundation is now offering $2,000 grants to first-time homebuyers for closing cost and/or down payment assistance.

The New York State Association of REALTORS Housing Opportunities Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2003.  The Foundation’s mission is to assist individuals in becoming homeowners by identifying outside partnership opportunities with organizations that facilitate homeownership and also to provide direct support in the home buying process to low-to-moderate income families. It is with this in mind that we found it necessary to provide a program for you and your clients to assist in purchasing a home.

The purpose of the first-time homebuyer grant program is to afford those individuals and families who fall under the low-to-moderate income level, the ability to purchase a home by assisting them with their closing and/or down payment costs.

Click here to visit our newly-designed website for information on the program and how to apply.

Between 2003 and 2009, the NYSAR Housing Opportunities Foundation helped more than 40 families across New York State become homeowners by awarding first-time homebuyer grants. The intention was to help defray ever-rising closing costs and the down payment expenditure. The foundation is continually working to help citizens of New York State by implementing new programs as the organization becomes increasingly viable.

The NYSAR Housing Opportunities Foundation has partnered with the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region to receive, review and award first-time homebuyer grants throughout the state of New York.


The Community Foundation

The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region is an independent, non-profit, publicly-supported, tax-exempt organization founded in 1968 to meet the existing and future needs of the Capital Area’s educational, health, cultural, civic and charitable organizations. The Community Foundation’s scope goes beyond social service and welfare; its purpose is to improve the overall quality of life in the Capital Region.

The mission of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region is to strengthen our community by attracting charitable endowments both large and small, maximizing benefits to donors, making effective grants, and providing leadership to address community needs.

Six Tower Place Albany, NY 12203
Phone: (518) 446-9638 • Fax: (518) 446-9708

Click here for the grant application.

Featured Program


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