Inspiring Contemporary Home in Venice Beach, California

Inspiring Contemporary Home in Venice Beach, California

Located in Venice Beach, California, this inspiring contemporary home comes from architect Lewin Wertheimer and combines modern living with quality design. Here is a general description from the architect: “The house was stylistically conceived as a hybrid of early modernism, influenced by architects such as Rudolph Schindler, and contemporary Japanese, Mediterranean and Californian architecture. These styles respond to the climate of Southern California and the eclectic nature of Venice Beach.” The total surface of this residence is 288 square meters (3100 square feet) and its architecture is mesmerizing. Aside from the more “common spaces”, this family home houses a garage for two cars, two bedrooms and a guest studio. Large windows create a strong bond with the exterior and allow unobstructed views towards the patio, garden, porch and pool. All the rooms within the residence are “L”-shaped and are said to create “a three dimensional harmony of form and proportion”.

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