Companies Expand Relocation Policies – #Newyork #realestate

Companies Expand Relocation Policies

by John Tayeb on June 1, 2010

relocating homes

Companies are changing and expanding relocation policies to accommodate employees who otherwise are refusing transfers because they don’t believe they will be able to sell their homes for enough money.

Worldwide ERC, a trade organization for human resource associations that oversee, manage, or support employee transfers, surveyed 129 companies in 2009. The survey found:

  • 28 percent of employers are requiring transferred employees to list their homes within a reasonable range based on an appraisal in order to qualify for assistance.
  • 26 percent have added incentives for employees to find their own buyers for their homes.
  • 26 percent have extended the time they will pay for temporary living assistance.
  • 20 percent have added a requirement that employees use selected real estate professionals to market their homes.
  • 17 percent have added loss-on-sale assistance.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (05/31/2010)

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