Tips for Beautifying a Staircase — #Newyork #Realestate

Tips for Beautifying a Staircase

by John Tayeb on April 26, 2010

Beautifying a Staircase

With stairs being one of the first elements home buyers see when they enter the front door of many homes, sprucing up the steps can be a great investment.

“People think of stairs and hallways as strictly utilitarian — a place to get somewhere else,” says Genevieve Gorder, host of HGTV’s Dear Genevieve. “But they are some of the most beautiful places to decorate.”

Gorder offers these ideas for making the stairway more attractive:

  • Tile the risers, the vertical part of the stairs that get scuffed easily.

  • Paint a runner in a bold shade of marine paint. Or do it in a pattern, like a stripe or polka dot.

  • Carpet the stairs with a pattern that hides dirt – even if the rest of the house has hardwoods. (As an added plus, carpeted stairs are safer than bare, potentially slick ones.)

Source: Associated Press, Lisa A. Flam (04/24/2010)

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