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Reasons Vacant Homes Are a Tough Sell

by John Tayeb on April 14, 2010

vacant homes

The argument for staging a house to get it ready for sale is largely based on what are perceived as the shortcomings of vacant, or unstaged, properties. For one, advocates of the staging process say a vacant home distracts would-be buyers from focusing on the actual real estate.

Instead, they allow themselves to speculate on the possible reasons the house is on the market — divorce, financial straits, and other scenarios — as well as on any defects the property may have. Small flaws, like nail holes and worn carpeting, are much more noticeable when the rest of the space is empty. Additionally, a vacant home allows dust to settle and stale odors to linger and spread, cutting short showing times and generating fewer sale chances.

All of these factors lead prospective buyers to submit low-ball bids on vacant homes. Other times, they will not even make a bid at all because empty dwellings simply do not allow them to make an emotional connection to the property. They may not even be able to visualize how their own furnishings may fit in a room, causing them to lose interest, say staging professionals.

Source: RISMedia (04/12/10)

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