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Markets Where Home Prices Could Rise Most

by Raja Tayeb on March 23, 2010

home prices

Money Magazine has released its latest home-price projections for the country’s largest metropolitan areas. Here are the 10 cities where it believes home prices will rise the most in the next year, and the 10 where it foresees the most substantial declines:

Where prices will rise:
• Santa Rosa, Calif., 6.0 percent
• Cheyenne, Wyo., 4.7 percent
• Kennewick, Wash., 4.6 percent
• Merced, Calif., 4.4 percent
• Bremerton, Wash., 4.2 percent
• Fairbanks, Alaska, 4.2 percent
• Corvallis, Ore., 4.1 percent
• Tacoma, Wash., 3.9 percent
• Anchorage, Alaska, 3.8 percent
• Bend, Ore., 3.3 percent

Where prices will decline:

• Miami, -22.5 percent
• Fort Lauderdale, Fla., -21.3 percent
• West Palm Beach, Fla., -18.5 percent
• Phoenix, -18.5 percent
• Las Vegas, -15.4 percent
• Tampa, -13.8 percent
• Pensacola, Fla., -13.6 percent
• Gainesville, Fla., -13.4 percent
• Suffolk, N.Y., -13.4 percent
• New York City, -12.9 percent

Source: Money Magazine (03/20/2010)

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