Home Price Reductions Level Off

Home Price Reductions Level Off

by John Tayeb on February 17, 2010

price-reduced homes

The share of homes on the market with price reductions declined to an average of 21 percent as of Feb. 1, according to Trulia.com, which has been tracking the information since April 2009.

This is a significant decrease compared to November 2009, when 26 percent of homes had at least one price reduction

The total dollar amount cut from home prices dropped to $22.6 billion as of Feb. 1, down from $28.1 billion in November, a 19 percent decrease.

The average discount for price-reduced homes is holding steady at 11 percent off the original listing price.

Here are the cities with the largest decrease in listings with price reductions between last November and this month, according to Trulia.

  • San Francisco, -46
  • Oakland, Calif., -43
  • Sacramento, -42
  • San Jose, -40
  • Indianapolis, -39
  • Seattle, -37
  • San Diego, -33
  • New York, -33

Source: Trulia.com (02/16/2010)

Home Price Reductions
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